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July 29, 2013
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       “Doitsu, I’m tired! Can we stop?”

       “Nein!* Ve have five more laps to go!”

       Well, here you were, and it was training day again. It was a relatively cool day if you were standing still, but you happen to be running around a massive track with Italy and Germany. And good God, was it hot! You had your (h/c) hair pulled back into a low ponytail, a (f/c) tank top and black running shorts on. Germany was way in front of you, while you were a tiny bit ahead of Italy. Running was not your strong suit, that’s for sure.

       “I agree with Italy! We should take a break!” You yelled up ahead. The German ignored your pleas and carried on. With every step you took, the track seemed to get longer and longer.

       “Stupid Ludwig.” You mumbled under your breath. Even though you had a crush on Germany, you thought he took this exercising thing way too seriously. You started going slower and slower until your run had turned into speed-walking.

       “(Name)! Stop walking and start running!” You heard Ludwig yell from the other side of the track. You let out a groan (loud enough so Germany could hear how annoyed you were) and picked up your pace to a slow jog.

       You could hear Italy struggling to keep up so you slowed down a bit to check up on him.

       “Are you alright, Italy?” You asked.

       “Ve, I’m fine! I’m a little hungry, though…” Italy muttered. You giggled a little of how he always thought of food, even when he’s training.

       “(Name)! Vhat did I tell you about walking!” Germany barked.

       “But I was just-!”

       “No excuses!

       “If you would listen-!”

       “Do you vant me to add more laps?”

       You reluctantly obeyed his orders and started to jog again. This time, Italy managed to catch up. He gave you a sympathetic smile.

       “Don’t worry, (name)! I’ll make some pasta when we get back!” Italy said to cheer you up. You did like pasta, especially Italy’s pasta, so you decided to soldier it out. You didn’t quite get why Germany was so rough with you, even compared to Italy it was harsh.  Well, at least once you finished your laps you were done with training, right?


       “I vant you to do three sets of twenty pushups and thirty sit-ups!”

       Wrong. You were dead wrong.

       “Are you kidding me?” You whined. Your face was flushed from running and you had barely gotten a break. Even Italy was starting to complain more than he usually does.

       “But Doitsu! We’ve been running for so long! I’m tired and hungry! I would like to take a siesta too!” Italy complained. Germany had his ‘I’m not amused’ face and ignored the Italian’s pleas. You mumbled a string of colorful vocabulary before assuming push-up position. You didn’t even finish the first set of push-ups before collapsing onto the ground.

       “I give up.” You said. You heard the heavy footsteps of Germany’s combat boots walk over and stop right in front of your face and looked up to see an annoyed Ludwig staring down at you with his piercing blue eyes.

       “(Name)! Get up!” Germany said. You backed up onto your knees and looked up at him.

       “Why are you so harsh on me?” You asked challenging his glare.

       “I have high expectations for you, so I only want the best and nothing less.” He simply stated. You were flattered that he had high expectations of you, but that didn’t mean he had to run you to death! But you had a little seed of doubt in your mind. Were you really a burden to him? That he was always pushing you and still seemed disappointed? You didn’t have a clue, but it was slowly starting to get to you at this point. You sighed and looked to the side to see how Italy was doing, but he wasn’t there. You searched around for Italy until you saw him in a field playing with a little cat.

       “Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty!” He said to the little feline. The cat meowed in response and proceeded to lick his face.

       “Hyahhhh! Doitsu! Help me!” Italy wailed. You heard Germany let out a heavy sigh and started to walk over to Italy.

       “Training is over for today.” He mumbled as he went to help the poor Italian. You fell over on your back and thanked God that your torture had ended. But Italy had promised to make you lunch, so you stood up and headed over to Germany’s house, knowing that the two other nations would meet up with you.


       You sighed happily as you slurped down the delicious pasta, courtesy of Italy. Along with the Italian, you sat at the table munching away at your well-deserved dinner, and Germany was in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess Italy made. You watched him as he made sure everything was set to his liking. Germany was so attractive to you in your eyes. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes, along with his blonde hair that was slicked back. And boy, was he buff! He was wearing his black tank top, allowing you to see his arm muscles.  He glanced up at you, and your (e/c) eyes met his momentarily before you broke eye contact and looked at the ground next to you, your cheeks starting to burn up.

       "Hey, (name)?" Germany asked

       “Yeah?” You said.

       “Could you get a file from my office for me? I vould like to review some zhings before the next vorld meeting.  It’s in a blue manila folder on top of my desk.”

       “Sure!” You said, a tad nervous. You had been asked any favors from Germany, so you don’t want to screw this up! Standing up from the table, you placed your dishes in the sink and made your way upstairs to Germany’s office.

       “Let’s see… Blue manila folder…” You pondered to yourself.  You scanned around his office quickly before spotting your desired item on top of Germany’s desk.  You grabbed it and were about to walk away, when something caught your attention. There was a box slightly wedged in between the door of Germany’s closet, which stood out because everything else is as straight as a pin.  From what you could see, there were some paper-like things in there, so you decided to do your good deed of the day and push the box back in. As you got to the closet, you realized it wasn’t just paper, it was magazines.

       “Germany has magazines?” You said. Curiosity got the best of you, so you cautiously pulled one up to take a look at the cover.

       Oh my…

       As soon as your brain processed what the magazine was, you slammed it back down in its place and covered your mouth, cheeks set ablaze.

       “H-He reads these kinds of things?!” You thought to yourself. Just as you were about to shove the box back in the closet and pretend nothing had ever happened, Germany walks in the office. He sees your hands on the box and all the color drains from his face. Germany then rushes over to you and practically throws the box back in the closet and shuts the door. There was an awkward silence between you two before Germany spoke up.

       “Vhy vere you in my closet?” He said.

       “T-The box was sticking out a-and I went to it back in.” You explained. He just nodded, took the manila folder that was in your hands and walked out of the office. Your embarrassment with soon replaced with guilt and shame as you watched him close the door. You blew it. All the times you tried to prove yourself to him, ripped away in a single moment. You sighed and tucked away some of your (h/c) hair behind your ear, and slowly stood up to see if you could be of any help. Walking down the stairs, you saw Italy was still sitting at the table with some pasta left in his bowl, and Germany had resumed his cleaning duties.

       “Germany, can I help you at all?” You half-heartedly whispered.

       “Nein, (name). I can handle it.” He said in a low voice. He didn’t even look at you. Even Italy noticed the tension in the air between you two.

       “You sure?” You tried again.

       “I said I’m fine.” He said in the same tone. You clenched your jaw and nodded, trying to not show much emotion.

       “I’m going for a walk, Italy.” You said. He noticed your sadness, but only nodded, not wanting to make the situation worse. You grabbed your coat, slipped on some boots and stepped outside the door. You were met with a gust of wind as you made your way off Germany’s property. The sun was starting to set, but that didn’t faze you. Not even the gorgeous scenery and rolling hills of Munich, Germany could make you happy. You just kept walking and walking. When you were about a mile and a half away, you sat down, leaning against a trunk of a large tree and closed your eyes. You were in no rush to get back to the house, and you didn’t want to see Germany; more like you didn’t want to disappoint him again. Slowly, you close your eyes and drifted off to sleep.

       ~*Back at Germany’s House*~

       Germany tapped his fingers against his kitchen table, occasionally glancing at the clock. You had been gone for about four hours now, and he was starting to get worried. Had he been too rough on you when you had asked to help out? He hoped he wasn’t, he didn’t want to push you away. He saw that you had discovered his collection of magazines in his office, and he was so embarrassed, he didn’t even to make eye contact with you, in fear of being judged.

       He sighed and looked at the clock again. 10:38 PM. He had to do something about this… He couldn’t just sit there, darn it! Germany stood up and put his coat and boots on, and stepped out the door. The temperature had dropped dramatically, making him worry even more. Were you okay?

       “(Name)!” He yelled. He kept yelling your name over and over again, walking further away from his house.

       “Mein Gott*, how far did you walk, (name)?” He mumbled to himself. About forty minutes passed and Germany was getting really anxious. Did you run away? Leave him? He hoped you didn’t leave; he loved you too much to stand you leaving.

       He heard a quiet sigh, and whipped his head around to see you, fast asleep against a tree. Germany let out a huge sigh of relief and walked over to you. Some of your (h/c) hair rested on your face, while your nose and cheeks were red from the cold. He nudged you softly, and your eyes fluttered open to see two cyan orbs looking at you.

       “Germany! What are y-“ You were interrupted by him when he hugged you. It was an awkward hug, but it had a lot of emotion in it. You slowly hugged him back and buried your face into his shoulder.

       “Please, don’t ever scare me like zhat again… I zhought I lost you.” He said. Germany pulled back and looked into your (e/c) eyes.

       “Ich liebe dich*, (name).” He said quietly and pulled you in for a kiss. It was soft and sweet, but full of emotion. He pulled back and rested his forehead on yours, cradling you in his arms. You smiled and gave him a small peck on the lips.

       “I love you too, Ludwig.” You said. He stood up and offered you a hand, which you gladly took. Once you were on your feet, he held your little hand in his big, rough hand and started to walk.

       “(Name)? He said. You looked up at him to see a small blush on his face.

       “Yeah?” You asked.

        “Can we keep the magazine thing between us?” He asked nervously. You smiled and leaned your head against his large shoulder.

        “Of course.” You responded.



Nein- No

Mein Gott- My God

Ich liebe dich- I love you

This is a little gift for my buddeh :iconizadore101:with her doitsu, since she was EVER so patient! I'm really sorry it took so long ;w; And if you don't know what was in the magazines, use your imagination :iconheplz: xD

Hope y'all enjoy!

I do not own Hetalia.
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I wouldnt mind. Ive watched way too many horror/dramas to not be so disturbed by plots like that, lol.
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So are you saying he searched for you in a thousand years and still loved you but found you dead under the tree?
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